Outstanding Perforrmers of the Week (versus Cedar Park)

Thank you to everyone who attended the games against Cedar Park on Thursday and Friday of last week.

We hope you'll all attend our final regular season game this Friday night against Marble Falls. Check out the GAME DAY page for more information.

Please congratulate the following for their outstanding performances last week against Cedar Park.


Defensive MVP

Adrian Contreras

Offensive MVP

Cornelio Garcia

Special Teams MVP

Tre Honshtein and Paul Crawford

Attack Team MVP

Christ Galindo and Ronnie Bailey

Patriot of the Week

Clint Janczak and Nathan Pintor

JV Red

Offensive MVP

Michael Distad

Defensive MVP

Chris Matta and Colton Harris

Special Teams MVP

Mason Klinger

JV Navy

Offensive MVP

Brian Williams

Defensive MVP

Frankie Keim

Special Teams MVP

Jonathan Willet

9th Red

Offensive MVP

Donald Walton

Defensive MVP

Hayden Hickman and Isaac Ochoa

9th Navy

Offensive MVP

Jason Cox and Michael Guerrero

Defensive MVP

Michael Thornton (photo not available)

Special Teams MVP

Kyle Sorensen (photo not available)

Educator and Coach

Educator of the Week

Georgina Garland and Emily Durell

Coach of the Week

Nicolai Esau

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