Constructed in the spring of 2019, the Patriot Sand Pit is one of the largest high school sand pits in the state of Texas. It is over 4,700 square feet in size and has over 250 tons of sand in it. The sand pit was constructed entirely from donations from our supporters. Jim Simons Services provided the excavation and dirt work. Lone Star Paving donated all of the sand. McCoy's Building Supply  donated all of the railroad ties used for the pit border.


Sand training is a very unique form of training which can push even the most physically fit athlete to their limits. Sand training is a simple, low-impact form of resistance training. Running on dry sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on stable surfaces. This increased resistance helps improve quickness and build explosive strength because the muscles experience a greater workload during training exercises.

Another benefit is the instability of the sand, which requires the muscles that stabilize joints in the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and core to continually compensate and adjust during movement. This causes a greater range of motion in joints and strengthens the muscles, improving balance and preventing injury.

In addition to these stabilizer muscles, prime-mover muscles are activated, making sand training easier on the joints than workouts on stable ground. Sand work also alleviates compressive forces on the joints during running, jumping, and walking. With less stress on the joints, overtraining symptoms are less likely to occur. One study determined that players that train on sand surfaces experience less soreness than players who train on grass.


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Thank You to our East View Patriot Supporters

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