Freshman/JV after game Sports Drinks Sponsor

After completion of each home game, we want to tell the teams thank you for a job well done by giving them a refreshing sports drink.  There is nothing more rewarding than the look of appreciation when you hand an athlete a cold drink after he has given everything he had on the football field. Sponsor responsibilities include: 1) Purchasing and icing down enough drinks and snacks (away games, home games optional) for the players and coaches to have a refreshing cold sports drink after their hard fought game; 2) handing out the items to the players and coaches after the Navy and Red games are complete; 

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Sponsor After Game Drinks with Financial contribution. We will arrange the rest

Thursday Night Varsity Meal Sponsor

Each Thursday night the Varsity has a time of fellowship and relaxation by enjoying a team meal at 4:15 pm in the EVHS Field House.  This is a great time to meet the players and wish them good luck in the game Friday night. Responsibilities include: 1) Arranging for a meal for the players (45 players) by either purchasing/get donated the meal from local restaurants in individually sealed meals (COVID Protocols); 2) coordinating getting the meal to the EVHS Field House ready to be eaten at 4:15 pm; 3) help the with the meal setup and any other issues that come up; and 4) help with clean up. 

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Sponsor a Varsity Meal with Financial Contribution. We will arrange the rest

Varsity Breakfast Tacos Financial Sponsor

Each Saturday morning, after a hard fought Friday Night game, the Varsity Players wake up and come in to the Field house for bumps and bruises treatment, weight training and to review the previous night's game film. Help us show them their hard work is appreciated by making a donation to the Booster Club to Sponsor the  breakfast tacos for the Varsity team and coaches as they spend Saturday morning wrapping up the past week.  150 tacos at a cost of $175 is needed to feed the players.  You are also welcome to pick up and deliver the Tacos if you would like.


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Weekend Coaches Meal

The coaches' work is never done during the season.  The weekend is a time of rest and recovery for the teams, however, for the coaches begin planning for the next game at the field house.  Show them how much their work is appreciated,  by providing a meal for them during the weekend. This is a great opportunity to meet the coaches and giving them a "Thank You" for their hard work.  There are two options to support the coaches One is through just your financial support. Make a donation on the link below and the Booster Club will arrange everything for the meal or you can do it your self by: 1) Arranging for a meal for the coaches (13 coaches) by either purchasing/get donated the meal from local restaurants in individually sealed meals (COVID Protocols); 2) coordinating getting the meal to the EVHS fieldhouse at 1:00 pm; and 3) help the with the meal setup and any other issues that come up.


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Sponsor Coaches Meal with Financial contribution. We will arrange the meal

Concessions at EVHS Games

Concessions is a great way to get involved and for the Patriot Football team to make some needed funds! We need YOU in order to make it a successful season in concessions. We are responsible for selling concessions at all home games at the EVHS Field for the freshman and JV games.


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Selling of Spirit Items at Home Games 

The Booster club sells spirit item merchandise (shirts, hats, car decals and other special items) at all Varsity, JV and Freshmen home games.  The Freshmen and JV games are played at the EVHS Football Field.  The work times are split into two shifts. One shift during the Navy game and one shift during the Red game (shifts switch around 7:00pm).  At all home Varsity games at GISD Stadium, we sell items until the start of the third quarter.


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Concessions at GISD Stadium

We also have been provided with an opportunity to earn money for the football program by providing the labor in a concession stand at GISD Stadium. We have been selected to work in the North stand on the home side at the Southwestern University football game on Saturday, September 21st from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  If you can find a partner, you divide the shift in two and each work a half shift.  This is an easy way to earn money for the program.


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Other opportunities to help

There are other opprrtunities to help the football teams.  To see a complete list of areas for you for you to use your talents to help the football players  click here.  If you are interested in one of these please email us your interest so we can get you more details about how you can help. click here to email us.

Volunteering in GISD

In order to ensure the safety of our students, Georgetown Independent School District requires all volunteers to pass a criminal history background check. Click Here for informaiton on how to complete the required background check.


Thank you in advance!