Join the East View Football Booster Team

The East View Football Booster Club is an all-volunteer organization whose purpose is to promote, develop, and encourage the coaches and athletes at all levels of the football program in a positive way on and off the field. Support from outside the school system is essential to a superior football program. We welcome participation by all individuals in the Georgetown community, regardless of whether you have a student on an East View Football team.  Annual membership is from March 1 to February 28 each year.  

Opportunities to help

There are many opportunities to help the football program that may fit your talents. Please look at the following list to see how you can best help the program. If you are interested in one of the following opportunities,  please email us your interest so we can get you more details about how you can help click here to email us.


Area of Opportunity:                                                        Supporter signed up:

  • Booster Club Officers: President, Vice President,                         Nate Hines, Nikki Martin

     Treasurer, Secretary and Members-at- Large(5)                           Vacant, Teresa Honstein

  • Social Media Manager – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

  • Website Administrator                                                                    Nikki Martin

  • Membership Coordinator

  • Email/Communications - Should be a Board Member                   Nate Hines

  • Meet the Patriots Night Coordinator                                              Shana Gattis

  • Merchandise Manager – Shirts, Hats, & other Spirit items            Diane Waggoner & Nikki Martin

  • Custom Merchandise Manager - Player Yard signs,                      Nikki Martin

     Posters & Car Decals

  • Concession Manager - EVHS JV & Freshman Games                  Teresa Honstein

  • Concession Manager - GISD Stadium Volunteers                         Teresa Honstein

  • Freshman after game drink/snack Coordinator                              Katie Harris

  • JV after game drink/snack Coordinator                                          Mariela Losoya

  • Thursday Varsity Meal Coordinator                                   

  • Friday Breakfast Coordinator                                                          Sherri Kirkland

  • Tunnel Pats (10 needed)                                                                 Roy Honstein

  • Referee Meal Coordinator (Varsity Home Games Only)                 Nikki Martin

  • Tailgate Coordinator (Varsity Home Games Only)                          Janet Ramirez

  • Saturday Breakfast Tacos & Drinks                                                 Kate Adams

  • Sunday Coaches Meal Coordinator                                                Mariela Losoya

  • Business Sponsorship's Coordinator                                              Nate Hines & Vince Marbibi

  • Action Photographers: Varsity, Junior Varsity & Freshman

  • Senior/Parent/Princess Night Coordinator

  • Varsity End of Year Banquet Coordinator

  • 7on7 & Lineman Challenge Fundraising & Leaders

     (Must be outside of Booster Club)

If you are interested in one of the above ways to help, please click here and email us your interest so we can give you more details about what is involved with each opportunity and see how you can help.
Volunteering in GISD

In order to ensure the safety of our students, Georgetown Independent School District requires all volunteers to pass a criminal history background check. Click Here for informaiton on how to complete the required background check.


Thank you in advance!